Bourbon Butterscotch Wax Melt

If you don't like candles but want an amazing scent in your home, try out our wax melts! They are perfect and provide the perfect scent throw, just as well as a candle would.

Place a cube or two on your wax warmer, either electric or tea light warmer and let the fragrance fill your home. When the fragrance is no longer there, which can take up to a day, discard the wax by soaking it up with a cotton ball. Put another cube in of the same fragrance or try a new one!

Each clamshell has 3oz of wax with 6 break apart cubes. Convenient for storing!


Rich, creamy butterscotch with hints of bourbon whiskey straight from an oak barrel. The undertones of this fragrance are enhanced by sweet vanilla and light hints of musk.

Top notes: Cream, Butterscotch

Middle notes: Bourbon Whiskey

Base notes: Vanilla, Musk

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